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Who can Benefit from Counselling?

How can Counselling Work?

What will the Sessions be like?

Matt Paxton



Who Can Benefit From Counselling?

The general pace of the modern world often means that people just do not have time to confide in, or talk to those around them, let alone discover why they feel the way they do.

With this being so, the spectrum of those benefiting from counselling is possibly wider than ever.

So whether a client feels they are experiencing emotional or relationship difficulties, is suffering from addiction, has experienced a bereavement or simply wants to know themself better, counselling can make a difference in their lives.

 I have seen clients with various concerns, these are some of the more common:

·         Depression

·         Bereavement

·         Relationship Issues

·         Low Self Esteem

·         Childhood Issues

·         Self-Awareness

·         Anger Management

·         Addictions

·         Work Place Concerns

·         Panic Attacks

·         Couples Counselling

·         Phobias

In recent years, people’s attitudes towards counselling have changed dramatically. Many people have friends or relatives who have benefited from being in counselling. It would appear people are now much more knowledgeable about what counselling is, and how it works.

Initially, when considering the cost of counselling, it may seem like a luxury that some may deem unnecessary. Though compared to other activities or stimulants that are geared towards bringing pleasure into a person’s life, counselling is perhaps less expensive, and hopefully far longer lasting, intended to bring a deeper contentment and happiness into a person’s life.