At times, it may feel a relationship has become too difficult to maintain for one or both parties. The possibilities for such a conclusion are infinite. A couple is made up of two individuals, each individual has a history, a personality and certain expectations, meaning that every couple and their interpersonal dynamic is unique.

Often a particular situation such as a love triangle or an affair may be the cause of a couple’s difficulties, perhaps leaving residual emotions, feelings or resentment.

On a basic level, simply being present with a professional third party may mean a couple can communicate in a more productive manner than they would ordinarily. This alone can give greater clarity to the other party’s viewpoint, and perhaps identify misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Relationships between couples can often mirror that of their parents, and sometimes these relationships are unhealthy, meaning that a couple may not have had a model of how to build a successful relationship.

Structuring and then developing a framework for a happy relationship is something which may be necessary. This process involves establishing communication etiquette, respectful behaviours, and awareness of each other’s requirements whilst being mindful of negative historical patterns, working towards an outcome where both parties are having their individual needs met within the relationship.

After a period of time one party may feel they would like to continue therapy alone, especially in incidences where that party has been hurt emotionally. Rebuilding trust and acquiring understanding of painful memories on a one to one level can be pivotal to saving a relationship.

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